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My name is Teresa and this is my website

Who is Teresa? Let me tell you.  Teresa is a happily married, homeschooling, webpreneur mom.  I'm also an adoptee and metastatic breast cancer thriver. I was a preschool teacher when I made the choice to stop teaching to work at home.  With a very strong "Why" and a passion in my heart, I began the journey to becoming a work at home mom in 2002. It was the best decision that I ever made. Yes, I did experience lots of UPS and lots of DOWNS along the road, it's not a straight shot to success it requires a lot of hard work, dedication and consistent action steps in the right direction.  I would not change a single thing, the rewards are so great. You have freedom like no other and you are able to give your all to what is the most important thing and for me that is God and Family, family first.  It's making sure to take the time to create some good family memories to last a lifetime. That to me is the most important thing ever. Life is short, enjoy it.

I am a huge lover of clean burning scented candles, as well as melts for my warmers. I found the best candles for my needs back in January of 2007.  I have been enjoying these candles and the melts ever since I joined the Distributor program. Getting all of my candles at a huge discount is nice. These candles are not like your normal store bought candle, they are so good. The scents smell amazing and the candles burn even and clean all the way down to the bottom of the jar.  We love using the melts in our warmers as well, those small melts pack a very powerful punch. When you order your candles and melts from my website at you will get a lot for your money not to mention you can also make money if you choose to join the distributor program, you will save money as well on the candles if you join us.  Whatever reason it is that you are here to explore my website and shop my store, I hope you enjoy.

Visit my website to say hello. Sign up for my FREE weekly drawing for FREE Goodies.  Follow my social media hangouts on my website at  Lets connect.  Join me as we share, celebrate life, inspire others, give back, and share some enlightening shares.  Together we can help make a more positive difference, and hopefully someones day a little better and brighter.

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The website is created, owned and operated by me, a webpreneur mom and an Independent Scent-Sations Distributor.  My website A Candles Light is dedicated to candles.

What is an Independent Distributor?

Learn more about the Company I am a distributor for by watching this very informative Business Presentation Video. It's worth the time to take to watch, read, and explore my website.

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I look forward to your visit on my social media hangouts listed here on my website as well as the ones I have featured on my candle company website here. Together we can make a positive difference as we share, celebrate, and inspire others.

Teresa, Independent Distributor and 

owner of

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Light up your world with wonderful candle light.

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